3 Ways to Tie a Scarf Featuring Caroline So Scarf x Talbots

Scarves are kind of that thing your mom wears, your grandma wears, but I’m sure you’re thinking… “Is wearing a scarf for me?” I’m here to show you 3 ways to tie a scarf that are quick, easy and above all modern, chic and stylish!

The gorgeous scarf featured in my video is designed by Caroline So as part of the “The Art of the Scarf Collection” by Talbots in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The collection includes five lovely designs by internationally renowned artists – Lulu DK, Gladys Perint Pamer, Annie Davidson, Hannah Davies and Caroline So.Caroline So Scarf by Talbots

Read the special story behind each design below. More importantly, purchase any of these beautiful scarves this month and 20% of net proceeds will benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  That means more money towards breast cancer education, early detection and support services to those effected by breast cancer.Talbots The Art of the Scarf Collection 2018

3 Ways to Tie a Scarf

Cowboy Look:
How to Tie a Scarf - Cowboy Look


Ring Knot:
How to Tie a Scarf - Ring Knot


Double Knot:
3 Ways to Tie a Scarf - Double Knot
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