Happy New Year | Anti-New Year’s Resolutions

I know this time of year everyone is talking about New Year’s resolutions, but over here at the blog we wish for you darlings to make 2019 the year of daring to dream out loud and embracing your individualities. Not as a resolution, but rather because you deserve it!New Year 2019

When I was considering starting the blog a few years ago I instantly thought of all the reasons I couldn’t do it… “No one is going to want to read what I have to say; I can’t post photos of myself…I’m not a supermodel”; and of course my favorite, “Bloggers don’t look like me. I’m too old, my hair is too crazy; Have you seen my white hair?” The list goes on and on. I pushed through these insecurities and soon realized these were all the reasons I needed to blog. I learned that the more I embraced my uniqueness and shared my vulnerabilities the more it allowed me to feel connected with followers like you.

Equally powerful, the blog has empowered me to dream out loud. Have you ever heard the saying “If you don’t speak God can’t hear you”? Well I’m not sure if it’s actually a saying but my best friend tells it to my all the time. LOL There’s just something so powerful to putting your dreams out in the universe no matter how far fetched they might seem. In fact, about this time last year I made a silly proclamation that The Tennille Life would be in O Magazine one day. Well you might have seen my chance encounter with Oprah that I shared on Instagram just last month.TTL meets Oprah Winfrey

I was in New York having a business meeting with a brand at a boutique hotel when OPRAH herself, who happened to be passing by, stopped in her tracks to meet ME…all to chat about her love for my crazy frizzy hair. In that short starstruck moment, my silly proclamation didn’t seem so silly after all. It suddenly felt real and tangible. Now surely I thought, “thank you GOD for showing me how to embrace the person I am because otherwise this moment would never have happened.” I felt uplifted and my resolve to continue to walk against the grain strengthened, even if that means having a cotton top at 40 or finding ways to express my brand of unique style. It was a reminder from that little voice in my head to always embrace being ME!!  

2018 was filled with victories and struggles to celebrations and sorrow. I welcomed my 40th birthday on the heels of a life changing hysterectomy. I traveled more than half of the year to some pretty amazing places while bommerang-ing through time zones with long jet lagged days, and sleeping in more strange hotel beds than any one person could imagine! I’m so proud of the hard work I put in this year for both my passions – life as a celebrity flight attendant and growing my business as an influencer/blogger. I worked hard to find work/life balance while being able to provide for my daughters in a way I never thought possible. Through it all I can say this has been one of the best years EVER!! I am so incredibly thankful for all the new people I have met from around the world and the amazing support I’ve received from followers like you. My heart is full of joy and excitement on this the first day of 2019!