Vlog: Summer Makeup Look

I posted to stories last week wearing my summer makeup look and got tons of requests to post a how-to vlog. So I put together this makeup tutorial to give you step by step instructions on how to reproduce this look with products that I’ve linked below.

My look was actually inspired by a recent IG post from Ciara challenging women to be more vulnerable and embrace themselves fully, beauty marks and all.

Full disclosure, she was challenging women to post [no makeup] looks but I’ll compromise with a “no foundation or powder” summer makeup look (LOL) that lets my beauty marks and moles show while using just the right amount of makeup to brighten my face for a fresh, glow-y  and summery feel. This look is very breathable, perfect for summer weather when you’re more likely to sweat and clog your pores.

Product Links to the Makeup I used for my Summer Makeup Look

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