I’m Tennille – a former interior designer turned corporate flight attendant. I have two amazing daughters, May and Xia (ages 23 and 17) who are my absolute best friends. I am married to my wonderful husband Mike, who is not a “blogger husband” but you can catch a cameo of him every now and then if you follow along closely to IG and stories.

I decided to start The Tennille Life blog as a creative outlet to share all of my passions – I have many! At the top of the list is my career – I truly love absolutely everything about my job!!  To narrow it down to one thing I love about being a flight attendant would be impossible.  I am so perfectly suited for it.  I love planning every detail of each flight.  I love spoiling and caring for my passengers; anticipating their needs.  I love shopping from city to city hunting for spot-on items my passengers may want.  I love preparing and making every meal I serve and creating a beautiful dining experience.  I love that every day is different, usually in a different city.  I love exploring and learning cities.  I love meeting the most incredible people every day from all over the world.  And to top it all off I have the best boss a person could want!!

You see, my job is a gateway to all of my passions. While in new cities, I get the opportunity to explore design, food, fashion and all the beauty each unique city has to offer. I get to bond and share ideas with new people every day. Sometimes I’m asked about my fitness routine, other times my style or makeup, and most frequently – how do I get the confidence to wear my hair natural both in color and texture. The Tennille Life blog is a platform for me to continue connecting and sharing with people all that I have learned about style, travel, design, wellness, and nutrition. I hope you’ll enjoy my insight as a mother of adult to late teen daughters and as a black female working in a capacity that is truly uncommon — both in my current position in corporate aviation and previously as a L.A. based interior designer.


Fashion makes me love being a woman!  For me it’s the ultimate form of presentation; you can say so much about yourself without ever uttering a word – your outfit says it all. The majority of my wardrobe is thrifted or sustainable. As for my fashion style, I love classic and timeless pieces that flatter my shape, exude effortlessness, and above all make me feel beautifully sexy.

I have never worried about what other women are wearing or keeping up with trends; I try to stay true to how I’m built and remain confident in knowing what looks best on me.  My style comes from within and I have always trusted it and will always do so.  Oh…and for me there is not such thing as bummy – even while relaxing at home or going to the gym, I believe it’s possible to wear something that makes you look and feel amazing.  There are so many beautiful clothes being made by remarkable creative minds – I am constantly inspired by fashion and I hope to inspire you with my fashion sense.


My only goal when it comes to health and wellness is to do the best I can everyday with the awareness I have.  I think its very easy to know what you should do to allow your body to function at its most optimum, but it’s another thing to actually live it and breathe it.  It’s not one factor in particular that I worry about, for me I’m more concerned with maintaining and sustaining a clean lifestyle. I live with the fundamental idea that food is fuel, meant to nourish, energize, and repair the body.  So for me its simple, eat the foods my body needs to function at its optimum and it will be good to me in return. I look forward to sharing my favorite recipes and exercise routines, that work for my busy lifestyle both on the road and at home.


My design style is very much like my fashion style.  I like clean, fresh, minimal and timeless everything!  Then I balance all those elements with symmetry and a general aesthetic that I am striving to achieve. You’ll see all of my design styles come to life as you follow along my design adventures of my home remodel. When I married my husband Mike, I moved into his family home which was originally built in the 1930’s. The home was originally a squatter shack that had been remodeled and expanded several times over the years.

One project at a time, Mike and I enjoy updating the home to meet our combined design style. Each project presents its own unique rewards and challenges as we strive to balance the native rustic style of the home with our own modern design style. I can’t wait to bring you along our design journey. I will be sharing plenty before and after photos, along with many how-to design tips that will hopefully inspire your own DIY projects.


I find so much pleasure in all things beauty and make-up. I enjoy the routine of caring for my skin, trying new products and mastering make-up techniques like a pro. I’ll share plenty of my tips for skin care regimens that are all-natural yet affordable. Along the way, I hope to encourage women to embrace their natural beauty. What I mean is, you can wear your hair natural and be beautiful.  You can rock Gods natural highlights that I affectionately call my silver streaks and know that you are sexy.  I hope you’ll enjoy my make-up tutorials and how-to beauty techniques for enhancing your natural beauty.


The Tennille Life is all about balancing life on the road. Follow along with me as I take you to amazing places around the world to experience food, culture, design and so much more!