I was blown away when I learned about the benefits of dry brushing. Not only does dry brushing remove dry skin but it also stimulates your lymphatic system and releases toxins from your body/glands. I wondered to myself, how many people know about this…am I the last to know?? I have come to find out that very few know about the satisfying ritual of dry brushing your skin and how very therapeutic it can be!! Anything that can help my golden skin be healthier I’ll give it try.

Dry Brushing Benefits
I like to dry brush in the morning before I shower or when I return home from the gym for my post exercise shower. Basically the gentle brushing increases circulation and helps to break down fatty deposits. I will say that in the beginning I found that taking the 5-10 minutes to properly brush my entire body felt time consuming. Now, I only see the benefits attached to it; I want to continue to reap the rewards…not to mention it feels so darn good!!

Soft bristle dry brushThe skin brush you want to use is an all-natural fiber brush, similar to ones you find to wash your body. Starting off I recommend a soft bristle brush. I bought my brush from Sprouts, but I’ve seen them at Bed Bath & Beyond and Whole Foods. My brush has a long handle for reaching my back and also has a detachable head.

How to Dry Brush:

The technique is quite specific. Each small stroke with your brush should be in and upward motion towards your heart. Begin brushing from lower body starting at the feet, doing about 3 strokes for each “area.” For example: brush the front of your shin 3 strokes, move to outer calf 3 strokes, behind your calf 3 strokes…continuing up your body until you reach your neck.

How to Dry BrushAlong the way I spend a little extra time where glands hide beneath the skin in the groin, arm pits, and neck. When I reach my arms I use the same motion brushing up the arm towards my heart. Be extra gentle when brushing around your breasts as it takes a while for them to get use to the bristles. Also, be sure to brush under your breasts as there are lots of glands lurking under there. I would say I spend the most time brushing my armpits and breasts, the aim is to detoxify and for sure these areas have vital glands for women. Once I finish my arms I gently brush my neck using small gentle downward strokes. Finally, I finish with my back.

I love the way my skin feels when I’m done – a little dusty, but smooth and tingly ALL over!!