Love Note: Synergy Trilogy Raw Organic Kombucha

Our bodies love when we provide it with pure nourishing beneficial foods.  This Love Note I’m stepping outside the fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds because there lies a whole category of foods that are critical to our vitality: fermented foods or in this case kombucha.  Fermentation literally preserves food, makes amazing enzymes, B-vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and are a great source of probiotics.

SOOO what is kombucha?

A fizzy (yes fizzy) fermented tea that has a good mix of bacteria.

Synergy Trilogy Raw Organic Kombucha

I simply LOVE the Trilogy Raw Organic Kombucha made by a local Los Angeles based company Synergy, sold nationwide.  It is produced in small batches and is very low in sugar which makes drinking one bottle every day enormously satisfying!!!  Don’t be freaked out by the word “kombucha” – it’s not just another hippie California trend.  Taking care of our guts should be a daily endeavor as it is central to our body’s health; this is where nutrients from food is absorbed.  Trilogy flavor is a tasty blend of kombucha!! It makes my taste buds happy while supplying my body with healthful nutrition.

Why is maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in our guts important?

  • Helps to balance the immune system and metabolism
  • Plays a critical role in our moods and brain function
  • Helps maintain our body size
  • Enhances the absorption of nutrients of the food you eat…meaning your body can potentially be absorbing even more nutrients

As if these weren’t enough reasons to drink Trilogy,  did I mention it tastes wonderful too!

KombuchaP.S. This is not a sponsored post or ad.

  1. I love the drink, and love the bottle for carrying water. I need to know how to get the label off though, so it doesn’t wreck my dishwasher.

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