How to Transition to a Plant Based Diet

What’s your secret??  And can you share it with me??… The DM’s have spoken, you guys want the inside scoop.  Welllll you won’t be surprised that the woman you see today is the result of making dietary lifestyle adjustments over the last decade. It was a process, but one that I felt and continue to feel would give me long-lasting vitality. The purpose of this blog is to provide you with a step-by-step breakdown of how I made my transition to a plant based diet.Plant Based Diet

I should emphasize that it was a slow and gradual process. As a child my parents fed us everything: Pork, beef, chicken, seafood, diary, eggs, cheese pretty much a typical American diet.  Little T did NOT like meat even then. But you know how it is, “you better eat what I put in front of you or else!!” It wasn’t until my young adult years that I started my journey towards plant based eating.

Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet

Here are the steps that I took to transition to a plant based diet:

1) In my early 20’s, the first thing to go was pork and red meat. I did eat chicken, turkey, seafood, eggs, and dairy products. Since I didn’t really enjoy pork and red meat, this was a relatively easy transition.

2) Age 31 I became a vegetarian: I stopped eating poultry.  I did this step cold turkey. I was a vegetarian for approximately 3 or 4 years.


    • Scrambled Egg whites with veggies inside like spinach, tomatoes & mushrooms
    • Boiled eggs with side of avocado
    • Yogurt with berries


    • Apples with peanut butter 
    • Spinach Salad
    • Hummus and raw veggies


    • Stuffed red bell peppers
    • Thai style stir fry bell peppers w/ onions and jasmine rice
    • Spinach Salad w/ avocado

3) Age 35, after doing a juicing detox I began incorporating freshly made juices into my daily routine, while still eating eggs and cheese occasionally. 

    • Beet juice – beets/carrots/ginger/cucumber/ginger
    • Green juice – Kale/celery/cucumber/ apple/lemon/ginger
    • Carrot juice – carrots/apples/gingerTransitioning to a Plant based diet

The detox taught me how to add detoxifying plant based foods into my diet.  By this point I was eating less and less meat by-products. Basically, I no longer felt like I needed or wanted them anymore. Some of my go-to detoxifying foods are:

    • Steamed veggies – mushrooms, broccoli, radish, bok choy
    • Miso soup
    • Brown rice
    • Wheatgrass & spirulina
    • Quinoa 
    • Turmeric seasoned foods
    • Avocado
    • Bee products like bee pollen & raw honeyVegetarian Diet

4) At age 36 I stopped eating eggs and cheese and all dairy products on a day to day basis. On a rare occasion I may still have a baked good that’s non-vegan. Some other key changes I made are:

    • Substituted almond milk for dairy milk
    • Began eating oatmeal or smoothies for breakfast in place of eggs
    • Pizza w/ no cheese
    • Dark chocolate for something sweet

5) Age 41, Present Day

I still incorporate all the above plant based foods into my daily life.  This helped me establish a lasting foundation and love for eating veggies.  Some of my current favorite go-to plant based meals are:



  1. This was so helpful!! I have started my journey but always looking for inspiration to keep me moving in the right direction!!!

  2. That is pretty nice. I have been vegetarian since ny 19 years old and at the age of 26 i stop to eat diary product..but sometimes it was hard to transit to no diary cheese because i used to love cheese on pizza especially. Well done Mother earth. Keep your temple as it should be. Free from to toxins

  3. Your story is amazing the key is gradually changing your diet which is feasible. I stopped eating meat at one point then occasionally have it. I had to change my eating habits due to hereditary health issues I love zucchini now beet juice just have to wean off other things. I love dark chocolate, chocolate in general so I found the perfect match with no sodium 5g of sugar. We have the power we have to choose to make the change. Thanks for sharing

  4. I want so bad to do this. I’m 51 and I have dupuytrens constructure in foot and hands. I also have early degenerative disc disease. I like meat but I’m good with leaving it alone. I am overweight 5″7 235lbs. I’d like to get down to 190. So I want to try your routine

  5. I’m 55 years young and want to incorporate a plant base life style. It’s a challenge because I don’t like cooking that much. My husband and I are empty nesters. Sometimes it’s easier to pick something up. I will try your method.

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