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Happy Monday! Hope you all had a safe and relaxing 4th of July weekend. I’ve been a busy bee this past weekend. Not only did I put together links to your most highly requested everyday jewelry pieces but I also reached out to my favorite jewelry brands to get you discount codes too.My Favorite Everyday Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, I’d pretty much describe my style as effortlessly chic. Just about every piece I buy can be worn with just about any outfit I own. It’s no secret that I love to layer my jewelry. I tend to wear primarily gold and brass, but lately I’ve been adding in a few pearl pieces here and there.

The most frequently asked jewelry question I get is about my gold beaded necklace. This necklace is very special to me as it was custom made for me in Thailand over 20 years ago. It was a gift from my daughters’ grandfather that I will forever cherish. Unfortunately, that piece is not shoppable darlings.

Click on each jewelry piece in the photo below to shop. Disclosure: When you shop using the links below, my small business may earn a small commission.
I’m all about hoop earrings. If I’m wearing my hair down I will only wear hoop earrings. I don’t know why but I just find the shape to be pleasing and they don’t get lost in my curly hair.

Karen Lazar Design – My bracelet stack would not be what it is today without my Karen Lazar 14k gold filled beaded bracelets. These bracelets are an everyday staple for me. I love that I can shower with them everyday and they still look great. Use promo code: TTL10 for 10% off

Mejuri – I love that Mejuri offers fine jewelry at fair prices. In addition to their 14k gold collection, they also offer a beautiful vermeil pieces made of a thick layer of 18k solid gold on sterling silver. Click HERE to shop my favorite pieces and automatically save 10% on your purchase (no code needed).

Bare & Golden – When ever I’m not shopping sustainable or 2nd hand, I love shopping local small brands. Bare & Golden is based in LA and makes beautiful handmade fine/semi-fine jewelry. Use promo code: GoldenTTL for 20% off any item.

Karen Lazar Design Jewelry
Pictured above: Earrings, short gold chain necklace, & chain bracelet and chain ring on left side by Mejuri, gold beaded bracelets on right by Karen Lazar, bangles by SOKO, pearl necklace and pearl bracelet by Bare & Golden. The long gold beaded necklace is custom made and not shoppable.
Soko Sustainable Jewelry
Pictured Above: Chain Link necklace by Young Frank, Earrings by SOKO

SOKO – Makes ethically sourced jewelry by local artisans in Kenya. Sign up for their mailing list to get 15% off your first order.

Young Frankk – I love that this brand makes pieces from recycled brass. Sign up for their mailing list to receive 10% off your first order.

Laura Lombardi – Classic pieces made from recycled metals. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on a discount code for your darlings but I’ll keep trying and will add it if I do.

Soko Necklace
Pictured Above: Earrings by Mejuri and Necklace by SOKO
  1. Please advise if the SOKO Capsule Collar Necklace is gold or brass. Also, is it polished? Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your prompt response. I just completed my purchase and received 15% discount! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I made a purchase using the links you provided and I hope your business earns a commission. I’m also sharing your blog and YouTube channel with all my family and friends. Keep inspiring!!

  4. You have exqusite taste in Jewelry. I love each and every one of your pieces and must say I love jewelry too, however I kind of keep things basic. I wear mixed and match pieces of jewely, meaning gold, and love costume jewelry as well. My most favorite piece of jewelry collection is bracelets, whether it be wrist or anklets, I am a sucker for them. I find myself always looking at bracelets whenever I go into stores, and will always end of buying a piece of jewely whether it be earrings or bracelets. Now that I am home working I dont have the chance to wear jewelry during the day as much as I used to when I was working in the office. However I still manage to wear a pair of earrings daily, along with the gold necklace with cross pendant that I never remove.

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